Pumpkin Caramel Cookie Cup Sundae Minis


I was browsing through a kitchen supply store recently (should I admit this is a favorite weekend activity?)

And I saw the best new baking item: an ice cream cookie bowl pan.

The pan is shaped so that cookie dough is easily pressed around the mold in a bowl shape.

After the cookie bowls are baked, they’re perfectly shaped to hold ice cream.

I didn’t end up buying the pan, genius as it is, but I couldn’t get the idea of cookie bowl sundaes off of my mind after that trip (and who could blame me for that?)

I wondered if I could create my own DIY cookie bowls using a plain old mini muffin pan, and this turned out to be a worthwhile experiment (as anyone who bakes knows, it’s not always worthwhile to experiment!)

I learned that muffin pans work just fine if you don’t happen to have the perfect cookie bowl pan.

And also that ice cream cookie bowls taste every bit as heavenly as they sound.

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Halloween Party!


Drunken Pumpkin Chili

On that first really cold fall weekend, where the chill in the air forces you to finally dig your padded winter slippers out of the back of your closet, there is just something so satisfying about making a big pot of chili. Letting it simmer on the stove, filling the kitchen with a smoky-spicy-delicious aroma. No matter what dusting or closet-organizing you have not managed to get around to that weekend, suddenly, you have the domesticity thing down. You have a hearty, comforting, wonderful-smelling, heart-warming pot of delicious food on the stove. Clearly, you know how to take care of your family. Your house (or apartment or condo) is transformed into a home. I love this particular chili recipe, I call it "Drunken Pumpkin Chili," for a couple of reasons: 1.) Meat-and-Potatoes-Guy loves fall-flavored beers, including some pumpkin ales (they seem to be gaining in popularity, at least in New England).  And pumpkin ale adds a lot of delicious flavor to this chili. 2.) There are tons of healthy ingredients in this recipe, including plenty of pumpkin, but you ... read more