Cheesy Artichoke Spinach Frittata Minis


Having always loved the rich, savory tastiness of creamy spinach and artichoke dip, I really wanted to try adding those delicious flavors to a baked spinach frittata.

Egg dishes like spinach frittata can sometimes turn out dry or bland, and that’s unfortunate when you’ve put time and work into cooking up a recipe.

But artichoke and spinach frittata, filled with a blend of cheeses and sun-dried tomatoes, is one really delicious combination.

No worries about this spinach frittata being dry or bland – these ingredients are filled with rich flavor, and the blend of cheeses adds plenty of savory creaminess. Read More

In Season: Asparagus


Asparagus, Bacon and Egg Breakfast Sandwich

Oh, the sweet, breezy, untroubled Saturday Morning. When it's the sun that finally coaxes you awake (no need for that jarring cell phone alarm). And it's within your rights to hop back into bed to have your morning cup of coffee or tea. And then fall back asleep for an extra fifteen minutes. And goodbye to the usual microwave-warmed instant oatmeal (convenient for grabbing on the way out the door) - you've got all the time in the world to cook up a feast for breakfast. My favorite on lazy mornings is a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich. But I needed to add some fresh, nutritious produce to transform the dish into something Scrumptious Pumpkin -ready. I knew bacon and egg were classic pairings for fresh spring asparagus, so I thought: why not add chopped asparagus to an egg sandwich? ... read more


Spring Quinoa with Asparagus and Parmesan

Growing up in Maine, I learned never to get my hopes up for signs of spring until well into May. You're far more likely to witness snow flurries (and people huddled in winter coats) than green leaves and blooming flowers in April in New England. But ... read more


Asparagus Goat Cheese Flatbread

I was walking with a friend in Boston this weekend, and we noticed how hugely popular food trucks have become. One open lot had about 10 to 12 food trucks parked, each one unique and staffed with local cooks focused on a different theme (stir fry, ... read more